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Transdermal studies

A tailor made answer to your needs in objectivation.

Gimopharm laboratory offers a range of services in the study of transcutaneous penetration. This activity consists on determining the ability of actives to cross the cutaneous barrier. These studies are conducted on separate actives or on actives within a formula.


Experimental phases are conducted with a performant and versatile equipment: automatized system Microette Plus by Hanson Research.


Standardized protocols

Studies are conducted on raw materials, in-development products or finished products. For each category, standardized protocols are proposed, using human or animal skin explants.

Active analysis on different compartments

Assays are performed with appropriate analytical techniques (HPLC, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, RAMAN…) in accordance with specific analytical methods of the product to be tested, whether provided or to be developed beforehand.

Study report

Study report can be included into the pharmaceutical or cosmetic dossier.