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Quality assurance

Quality is in the core activity of Gimopharm. Head Pharmacist, acting official Pharmacist and the whole team guarantees this quality.

Our laboratory is certified GMP by the ANSM, and is equipped with a quality management system. Its continual improvement is particularly ensured by annual investments that concern premises and equipment, and is supported by a documentary system.

assurance qualite gimopharm

Quality as a support for your samples

  1. Sample receipt: the current date is stamped on every attached document
  2. Registration of the sample: client name, intern increment assigned to the product, client code of the product, batch number, reception date of the sample, analyses required quotation number, provisional date of result report… for an entire traceability.
  3. Printing of a label with the intern increment glued to the sample, printing of a label for the workbook of the technician in charge of the analysis, printing of the recap of all detailed information. The person in charge of the registration signs the recap.
  4. Checking with the quality control manager of the accuracy of registered information, integration to the planning of the requested analyses, validation of the provisional date of result report. The manager in charge of checking also signs the recap.
  5. Sending by fax of the recap that corresponds to the acknowledgement of receipt, it recaps all information above for a better following of the service.
  6. Integration of the sample in the circuit of routine, R&D or stability, according to the requested service.